Can Comfort Zone on the Gold Coast help me or do I need an upholsterer?

Trust us to give new life to your much loved furniture!

Our service for the general public is designed for people whose covers are accessible by a zipper. Unless you are able to unpick your cover and restitch it back together, then unfortunately you would probably need the services of an upholsterer in your area (if you would like a recommendation for one on the Gold Coast then please feel free to contact us).

We offer a complete foam sheet or cut-to-size service for upholstery use as well as for packaging and display uses (such as instrument/camera cases).

Depending on quantities, you may drop in or call us in advance and receive our on the spot service. We also offer a 24/48 hour trade only delivery service within a 100km radius of Nerang.

For trade customers, we usually deliver with our own transport to the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas.

  • Orders over $150.00 + GST delivery are free of charge by our transport
  • Orders supplied by outside transport (eg. carrier) carry a $20.00 minimum charge
  • Any charges for delivery would be confirmed at the time of ordering

Shapes and patterns

At Comfort Zone we are sometimes asked to do shapes and patterns which unfortunately can only be done when the shape is mass produced. For example, a cushion that may rise and fall at various points may have been produced for a particular sofa design and mass produced for the company by a CNC profiling machine, or it may have be an injection moulded shape. If this is the case, then the only thing that may be able to be done is the bulk of the foam is cut away from the backside of it and replaced with new foam and laminated to it.

For simple flat shapes, wedges or straight forward rectangular boxed cushions you only need to send us a paper template or e-mail us your measurements, and we will e-mail or telephone you back with the price. A stockinette or polyester wrap cover can and in the majority of circumstances should be applied to your new foams before fitting.

How do I measure my cushions?

At this point, we would like you to use our pattern pages to determine how your requirements may fall.

If we can help you, we will. Otherwise you may need the services of an upholsterer (please remember that if your cushions do not have a zipper opening, then you will need the help of an upholsterer unless you are able to stitch yourselves).

We are always open to try and help but please be aware a compromise may well be required.

Payment methods accepted include debit/credit cards, cash or cheques.

Contact our friendly team on the Gold Coast to find out more about our services.

Pattern Page

What to do!

Choose the top and side shapes (from the example shapes below) that are closest to your requirements.

Measure your cushion in metric or inches at the marked points from seam to seam of your cover.
E.g. top pattern B and side pattern A = single side tapered cushion 25 x 22 / 20 x 4”

= TB1 22” , TB2 25” , TB3 20” , SA1 25” , SA2 4” , SA3 4”
Finally state the number of cushions of that type you require.

Alternatively you may copy the pattern page using a word processing program (microsoft word etc) and fill in the measurements and then attach to your email or print out and post to us.

Please state if you are replacing existing foam or feather / fibre (polyester) filled cushions and the grade of foam you think you would like. ( If you are replacing feather or fibre filled cushions then please remove the cushions from the sofa or chair and measure the gap in-between the arms and also from the back to the front edge and state these sizes)

Email or post your sizes to us along with all references for pricing along with a contact telephone number for yourselves.

Alternatively please telephone or FAX us on 07 5596 2991 with pattern references and your sizes for pricing or any help or advise you may require.