We offer quality foam products on the Gold Coast

At Comfort Zone on the Gold Coast, we have an array of practical and high quality foam products for you to choose from. With our wide selection of densities for different uses, we can cater to all needs and tastes. Stop in at Comfort Zone on the Gold Coast, and pick up some foam products today.

Foam types and uses

There are many grades of foam made by Comfort Zone for various purposes. These include packaging and upholstery, but the main things to concern you when buying are the density and the hardness of the foam for your seats or backs.

Listed below are grade numbers for our foams. The first being the density - the higher the number, the less likely the foam is going to go flat, as the cell structure within the foam is smaller and contains less air. This does mean the price is also higher, due to the cost of chemicals in manufacturing.

The second number is concerning the hardness (the higher the number the harder the foam will feel).


Suitable for general padding (Packaging/headboards/arms or firm backs on chairs) 12mm (1/2") - 50mm (2") thick


 Suitable for soft backs 8cm (3”) – 18cm (7”) thick


Budget quality medium feel seats 12mm (1/2”) – 10cm (3”) thick


Upper quality medium feel seat 8cm (3”) – 18cm (7”) thick (flame retardant)


Upper quality firm feel seat 2.5cm (1") - 15cm (6") thick


Upper quality soft/medium feel seat 8cm (3”) - 15cm (6”) thick (flame retardant)


Upper quality medium feel seat 5cm (2") - 15cm (6") thick (Flame retardant)


Upper quality firm feel seats up to 2.5cm (1”) – 12.5cm (5”) thick (flame retardant)


As above but made in the UK

All of the above medium or firm feel foams can be used from as little as 1cm to 5cm thick for dining or patio chairs. Any of the above foam products are suitable for domestic purposes, but for boats and caravans we do only recommend the grades 35 to 39 as they will be placed on wood/hard surfaces which means the foam should be of a higher density to avoid problems.

For commercial premises such as pubs, restaurants and similar, only 36 density and above should be used. Other densities are available to order up to a 50 density.

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Other Foam

We also supply memory foam for bedding and wheelchair uses and easy dry foam for outside seating and cushions. Contact our team on the Gold Coast to find out more!